Some Woocommerce error messages and what to do

Here are some common woocommerce errors that might prevent your products from Syncing to or From your Wordpress website

The API key provided does not have write permissions. [woocommerce_rest_authentication_error]:

This means your API key only has "read" access therefore Dropstore does not have the permission to write/push any product to your store.

To fix this, you need to

  • regenerate a new set of API credentials with the right permissions (See steps here)
  • update your Dropstore Woocommerce settings with the new credentials
  • Save the new information (your products will automatically get requeued by this action)

There has been a critical error on your website. Learn more about debugging in WordPress. [internal_server_error]:

This means there is an error on your website which is preventing Dropstore from successfully pushing to your store.

This could be due to an installed plugin, theme or update that is not properly developed or causing conflict on your website.

The error also says: “Learn more about debugging in WordPress.”

To fix this, you need to:

  • You can find the Woocommerce logs in your admin under: Woocommcerce > Status > Logs
  • Enable wp_debug and wp_debug_log and after an error, look at wp-content/debug.log to see if anything gets logged there.
    This would allow you to isolate what is causing the issue on your wordpress installation.
    Here is a Wordpress link that might further assist with enabling website debuggin: