I have been billed after I canceled my subscription

Please reach out to us and provide the following to assist us in resolving your enquiry.

  1. Proof Of Deduction (POP)
  2. Dropstore username (email address associated with your Dropstore account)
  3. Notification of Dropstore Cancellation (This is the email you receive after you cancel your subscription)

Kindly refer to Dropstore Terms & Conditions: SECTION 6 – ACCURACY OF BILLING AND ACCOUNT INFORMATION

6.2 Merchant Account Billing:
Dropstore is a monthly subscription prepaid service. The service will be on an ongoing monthly deduction until ended by the customer. You are given 14 days free prior to billing whether on a Paid Plan or on Trial Account. Account payment deductions will be automatic at 14 days from initial sign-up for a Product License Plan. The trial Account will automatically expire if no selection of a License Plan is made. Dropstore’s online store subscription (Dstore) will be a pro-rata deduction which will occur immediately until the next billing cycle of your product license plan and thereafter both deductions will occur simultaneously.

6.3 Refunds:
You are able to cancel your subscription with Dropstore anytime prior to your billing date, within your Merchant Dashboard, and choose the “Cancel Subscription” option in your Accounts section. If a deduction has occurred after cancelling your subscription, you may get in contact with us. Refunds will be based on a case-by-case basis to determine validity.

Dropstore May Not reverse a payment if:

  • You contact us after the deduction has occurred.
  • You have not used the service but failed to cancel your subscription on time

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