How Do I Install Dropstore Woocommerce Plugin

1. Download latest version plugin zip and save to your computer

Login to Dropstore Merchant Dashboard > Settings > Woocommerce Integration > Please click here to download the plugin

*Save the download as is with no renames or changes

2. Install plugin by uploading zip into your Woocommerce dashboard in Plugins

Login to Woocommerce store admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Install Now

If previously installed versions of plugin already Installed then remove and install the new version.

If you receive a Fatal Error message after the upload of new plugin version, then you will need to delete the old plugin before commencing with the new upload.

*You may need to deactivate or remove the previous and upload new version.

3. Activate plugin

If Installing for the first time, after Installing Go to Plugins > Installed plugins > Woocommerce Dropstore > Activate

4. Run setup Wizard (This step is required even if you have already installed previous plugin versions)
  • If installing for the first time, you will be prompted to Run Setup Wizard > Begin to Setup > Continue > add Access Token (you will find it in your Woocommerce Integration Dropstore Woocommerce Plugin) > Save Settings > Back to Admin Panel
  • If already installed then Go to Plugins > Installed plugins > Woocommerce Dropstore > Settings > Here you Run Setup Wizard again and follow prompts that follow

If the following ERROR Message is shown:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare dropstore_plugin_add_settings_link() (previously declared in /mnt/volume_fra1_01/www/your-store-name/wp-content/plugins/dropstore-merchant/dropstore-merchant.php:117) in /mnt/volume_fra1_01/www/your-store-name/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-plugin/woocommerce-dropstore.php on line 113

N.B You will need to deactivate or remove any previous versions of Woocommerce Dropstore plugin

Please note:  Dropstore Plugin setup checks memory allocated and not just overall memory. Just available memory allocated for the plugin. Your web host allocates initial memory, however memory is constantly being used by other processes running in Woocommerce. Dropstore processes run on a schedule of every 10 minutes.

Internal Server 500: Dropstore Plugin requires 250 MB to run, in an event where system does not have the amount of memory allocated, you may experience 500 internal server error. You can also view details in Woocommerce > Status > Logs and filter for most recent information.
This is because you may have some other processes running in the background i.e other plugins, woocommerce processes, and Dropstore plugin run at a time when others are running, resulting in limited availability of allocated memory. processes wont run forever. Dropstore processes runs on a schedule. (every 10 minutes).

How to Fix:
1. Upgrade Server - contact your host to upgrade your server which typically comes with more memory.
2. Allocate more memory to your Woocommerce website ( you are able to find videos on Youtube to assist- "How to Increase Woocommerce memory) or checkout:

For plugin update, merchants should:

1. Deactivate then delete old installed version
2. Upload new plugin
3. Activate new plugin

Plugin Headings

  1. All / API data(active) - This is All product data from your Dropstore merchant products (All product information pulled from Dropstore but not yet created or updated to being in your store) - pulling data
  2. Product Created - These are the products being updated to being in your store from All/ API data(active). Depending on which products are updated to being in your store, those that are valid (not deleted or out of stock). Updates run every 15 minutes of all updates for a batch of 20 products. You will be able to see Product created count
  3. Pull From Dropstore - If new products are not showing as being pulled, then customer can use the Pull From Dropstore feature to manually do a pull of all and new products.

If you want to get your products in without waiting for the schedule to kick off, you would need to follow steps in the Product Cache page in the order below:

Click on Pull Products from Dropstore - this pulls your data from Dropstore and saves it for the product creation process

Click on Create/Update Woocommerce Product - this creates the products manually from the Product Cache table into your Woocommerce site

Please Note: When you click on Pull Products Data from Dropstore it restarts the whole process again of syncing. If for example you had 50 done, it will start from 0 again and delay the process.

Push Categories to Dropstore

This pulls your categories from your Woocommerce store and sends them to Dropstore

Click on Push Categories to Dropstore

Why are My Products taking long to Sync to my website?

This is determined by the settings in your Plugin dashboard.

1. Log into your Wordpress site,
2. Go to Dropstore in the navigation menu


3. Select Help and Settings in Dropstore Plugin Products Cach and scroll to change settings


Here you can change the sync interval settings for your store

  • The interval for downloading data from
  • The interval for creating or updating product from cache to your products in your store
  • How many products should be created/updated from cache per batch:

How Can I see if my product has synced to my store or still in queue to update?

To know if a products has updated to a website under product cache, click on the product ID, then scroll down, you will see a section called is_processed and if it shows 1 it means products have updated, but if it shows 0, its still pending update.



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