How Do I Install Dropstore Shopify App

Dropstore is available to All WooCommerce and Shopify users. You can go ahead and install Dropstore for your your store, using the following links:

Get Dropstore for Shopify

For Shopify:

If you don't have a Shopify account, you can create one here:

14-day Shopify trial

After registering a merchant account on Dropstore,

Step 1
Firstly, integrate Dropstore to your ecommerce store by clicking on "Settings" in the top tabs then clicking "Shopify Integration" and then follow the prompts to install/integrate Dropstore into your store.

If "Shopify Integration" is not available, then that means you have not selected an Ecommerce Type when you were registering for a Dropstore Account. You will first have to choose an ecommerce type so our system is able to integrate and sync correctly with your store type.

To change Ecommerce Type:

Account (dropdown sub-menu under human icon)  > Change Ecommerce Type > Proceed with Change

To get Dropstore in your Shopify dashboard. Make sure that your E-commerce type is set on "Shopify" and your settings show "Shopify Integration"

Settings > Shopify Integration > Install app

You will then be prompted to Install the app to your Shopify store. This takes a few seconds.
Then head on over to and simply login to your Dropstore account

You will now be re-directed to the Dropstore dashboard!

Once installed, from the Product Search, you can select products to place on your Import List.

From the Import List you can modify and push the products to your Shop.

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If you have any questions, you can find help here.

Happy Dropstore-ing.

Feb 12, 2024

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