Use Dropstore with WooCommerce

Setting up Dropstore for WooCommerce is simple!  If you don't have a Woocommerce store, you can get a custom store created for you here.

For Dropstore to sync your import list to your WooCommerce website, you need to generate an api Consumer Key and Secret.

Once generated, click here to update your domain and api credentials

Our platform currently does not actively support a user with the same email for both a Shopify and a WooCommerce shop, so installing with the same email may cause cause the authentication to fail. If you face this problem, please change your email in your WordPress general settings and try again.

Once you have authorized the app, you will be able to log in, view and import products accordingly. Products that are added for sale on your store, any time they're ordered, we will receive the order details and they will be available for checkout in the Dropstore Orders page.

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If you have any questions, you can find help here.

Happy Dropstore-ing.

Jun 24, 2022

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