What services does Dropstore offer?

We have different packages on offer from Dropstore.

  1. License - Dropstore product packages
  2. Dstore - Online Store Subscription for R99
  3. Custom Store Package - R3999
  • License - Dropstore product packages**

Each license package gives you a specific number of products that you can then sync or link with your store.

What this means is you can change what products you wish to have at any time in your store, however it will not change the product limit unless you upgrade to a different license package.

Our license packages are on a monthly subscription basis, however you can cancel at anytime as this is not a contract but prepaid service.

  • Dstore - Online Store Subscription for R99**

Dstore is the arm of Dropstore that assists new entrepreneurs get an online store at a fraction of the cost of a developer or website designer would charge you (https://www.dropstore.co.za/get-custom-store/) that is ready to do business on day 1 and you are able sell and market your business everywhere.

Everything is preconfigured for you, so you can have your ready-to-go store in minutes.

Dstore also comes with hosting as part of the package.

Once you have a store to sync the inventory to, you can start selling immediately, however, with Dstore, you can still load other product that do not come from Dropstore.

To signup for Dstore

1. go to www.dropstore.co.za

2. Click on Get Started, Sign Up for Free

3. Select: I want to be a reseller (14 Days Free Trial)

4. Complete form, Sign Up

5. Add name of store, Save

6. Have you got an existing online shop? Select from dropdown: I don't have one, SAVE

7. Add Contact Information

8. Scroll down and select "Click here to skip for now"

9. Select Dropstore, Get Started

10. Purchase Now

Proceed to complete payment.

Once payment has been completed you will be able to access your store details in your account.

You will also receive a 14 day trial license that allows you to add up to 200 products that can be synced to your store and you start selling immediately.

You can link your domain name with Dstore and point Dstore domain to a registered website.

Once trial license expires, you can purchase a Dropstore product license suitable for your needs,

  • Custom Store Package - R3999

A Custom store is a website built from ground up based on your specifications.

Even though it takes a bit longer to finish up (10 business days), your website would be built right to the exact specification you need.

Once we are done with the development, the handover process begins. You will need to provide us with access to your hosting package so we can transfer the website