How Do I Become a Supplier on Dropstore?

Dropstore is an inventory marketplace or platform that makes it easy for suppliers and merchants to meet. Our merchants are able to find awesome products like yours and other suppliers all over South Africa and instantly add them to their own online store seamlessly and automatically with a few clicks.

There are many online shops on Dropstore that are searching for awesome products to sell every day. These shops are targeting consumers all over South Africa.

By posting your products on Drosptore, you allow our retailers to market and sell your products for you, bringing you new sales and distribution channels.

Why Dropstore?

  • By registering to become a supplier on Dropstore, you will Expand your Distribution Channels and Increase your Sales by getting your products distributed to thousands of trusted online stores.

How much does it cost to become a supplier?

  • Dropstore is 100% FREE for all supplier product listings.

How Do I Integrate?

  • Dropstore makes your inventory uploading EASY. Our self-service web interface is built for ease of use and is perfect for e-commerce businesses that currently have around 1 to 20 products in their catalogue (manual upload). Dropstore also makes your inventory uploading easy if your businesses has a large catalog through integration into Tradegecko, Shopify, Woocomerce, and Shopping Feeder.

As a Supplier: T&C's

  • You must offer a discount from 20% off the retail price for your products. The discount you offer is the profit margin for our e-retailers and an incentive to market and sell your products. you can discount even more if you wish (especially for clearance range products) - this will be automatically done if we integrate with your store, otherwise you may opt for manual upload.
  • Resellers prefer a flat rate domestic shipping fee.
  • We use Payfast to transfer funds to you. You must have a bank account in South Africa to receive your sales money from Dropstore.
  • You MUST NOT include any of your company invoices inside the shipping boxes, any extra marketing material and use unmarked packaging when sending out customer orders
  • You only pay a small transaction fee of 8% per order (this is not added to the 20% discount for merchants)

To be a supplier on Dropstore you you will need to signup and select supplier account type.

"I want to Supply Inventory (100% Free)"

As mentioned, we offer manual product uploads or automatic site integration, however you may not be able to signup a website that you already have integrated with Dropstore,

Signup as Supplier

Once you have signed up, your account manager will be in contact to verify your account.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.

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Happy Dropstore-ing.

Jan 28, 2024

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