How does Dropstore vet its suppliers?

In order to become a supplier on Dropstore, suppliers are required to go through an in-depth review and onboarding process.  Here is an overview of the requirements:

  1. High quality products: all suppliers are the producers of high-quality products, most of which are produced and shipped from South Africa
  2. No third party warehouses: all suppliers are required to manufacture or hold their own inventory - no third party warehouses allowed!
  3. Discount on retail prices: all suppliers are required to offer discounted pricing off of their regular retail price to ensure Dropstore dropshippers can make a profit off of their sales
  4. Fast order processing and shipping: all suppliers are required to abide by the processing and shipping time frames they have specified in order to offer customers the best experience

At Dropstore, we want our dropshippers to offer a best-in-class experience for their customers, which is why all Dropstore suppliers go through a rigorous vetting process before joining the platform.

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