How Do I Contact My Resellers?

You are able to get in contact with a reseller via our in-contact messenger feature that is available on successfully placed orders created on Dropstore.

Please note that that this can be only be on successfully placed orders for that supplier from the reseller.

To access this feature, you will need to go into your "Unfulfilled" orders under Customer Orders menu.

1. You will select "Send Message" to get in touch with the reseller on that order and receive replies within your dashboard as well.
2. You will be notified via email on any messages received and can see in your dashboard (top right corner on envelope) for any new messages received further. Here you will also be able to "reply'' to any messages from a reseller.


Please reach out to our team for any order enquiries or assistance in getting in contact with resellers.

If you have any system issues being experienced, kindly let our Support Team know.

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Happy Dropstore-ing.

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