Get Started with your new Dstore

Your store has been step-up, what is the next thing for you to do?

This guide provides the main steps that you need to set up your Dstore. You can use it as a starting point and as a reference to make sure that you don't forget any key tasks.

Step 1: Configure your basic administrative settings
Step 2: Update woocommerce details
Step 3: Setup your categories
Step 4: Update your contact details
Step 5: Make sure customers can pay you
Step 6: Legal pages (privacy policy, return policy, terms & conditions)
Step 7: Is this Google Analytics code correct?
Step 8: Link your domain with Dstore

We have also sent you a few tutorial videos on how to get started with Woocommerce. You can find the videos here

Still need further assistance? We have also launched our Woocommerce Support website specifically designed to get you up and ahead.

Happy Dropshipping!