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Dropstore recommends using ecommerceexpert's small tasks for minor fixes- whether it is creating a testimonial carousel or displaying different variants of a product with a mouse click.

Ecommerceexperts handles any task that might take under an hour- including design-related changes, development-related ones or application-based alterations. Though Shopify offers you a broad variety of modifications to the theme of your store, ecommerceexpert can help you access configurations beyond the built-in settings.

Mix up the layout, get rid of bugs, add a sticky header: basic tasks for an affordable fee that go a long way in aiding your site. Reliable experts will be in touch with you every step of the way- solving small issues with great efficiency.

Don't waste hours of your precious time on tasks that can be covered by experts in an hour- when there's a chance to hire Shopify's highest rated experts, at the lowest fee!

Head over to to check out how they can help you!

Use the code "Dropstore15" to get R150 discount for your first task.

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