My products are not syncing to my store

After registering a merchant account on Dropstore, you might find that products are not syncing with your store.

Please Note the following:

  1. for your products to get pushed to your store, you need to confirm this action from your import list by clicking “Push to Store”. This can be done for an individual item or in bulk.
  2. you would also need to have a valid licence that has not expired

Once done, the products will disappear from your Import List and sit in My Products.

Sometimes, our system also picks it up and notifies you on your merchant dashboard with a “Sync Issue” warning.

This is usually as a result of Dropstore not having access to push products to your store.
In order to rectify this, please log into your Dropstore account and follow the next steps depending on which type of store you have.

Woocommerce Resellers:
Go to Menu => Settings => Woocommerce Integration
Here, you will find the 3 things we require to sync with your store:
Store URL
Consumer Key
Consumer Token

Please refer here for step by step instructions on what to do -
Shopify Resellers:
Go to Menu => Settings => Shopify Integration (
Even if you have already installed the app, you may still need to go through this step to allow access as shopify recently made changes to the way inventory information is sent to them.
Click Re-Install, and allow access to the Dropstore App within Shopify.
Thats all.

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Happy Dropstore-ing.

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