I signed up to become a dropshipper. What do I do next?

Integrate dropstore to your ecommerce store by clicking on "Store" in the top tabs then clicking "Shopify Integration" or " Woocommerce Integration" and then follow the prompts to install/integrate Dropstore into your store.

Then go to products > Add Products > Choose the products you want to sell > Edit them and then sync them to your store.

Dropstore allows you to edit your products before the final step of Push To Store.

HEADS UP: Any product edits you make in your Import List before pushing to your store will be carried across to your store.

You can use Search Products to view All available products within Dropstore.

Alternatively, you can search by Keyword, Categories or Suppliers to find products to add to your store from Dropstore.

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Happy Dropstore-ing.

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