Is it possible to be supplied by dropstore and not have a website?

Yes, you can have a Dropstore account and use it without a website.

Once you are registered on Dropstore > Choose the products you want to sell > Add To Import List > Edit them, Select Category, Edit Markup etc

Once you are done editing click Save and Push To Store (sync them to your store) This can be done for an individual item or in bulk.

Once done, the products will disappear from your Import List and sit in My Products.

When you receive an order you can place a manual order on Dropstore as follows:  Login to Dropstore > Orders > Customer Order > Create an Order

You will be able to pay the suppliers by making payment on dropstore via Payfast or order available payment methods.

Once you have placed the order, the supplier will be alerted to start fulfilling your order.

As soon as the order is out for delivery, you will be notified and a tracking number from the supplier will automatically fulfil your order,

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Happy Dropstore-ing.

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