Welcome to Dropstore, let's get you started - Integrations

Welcome to Dropstore.

We are pleased to have you on Dropstore as a supplier.

Now that you are verified, you may start integrating your products with our platform or start uploading manually.

Please put in a Standard Shipping fee for your products, that will be shown to merchants when syncing your products to their store.

Your standard shipping fee can be changed at any time or added as a shipping rule per weight.

We are constantly implementing more user friendly abilities to ensure your engagement on our platform is of exceptional standards to get the most out of your product listing.

We rely on your feedback for any issues, suggestions or insights so that we deal with queries in a timeous manner.

Please do check out some our Supplier FAQ's  that may address some questions you may have.

You can see Supplier Terms & Conditions for any further enquiries.

Integrations for Suppliers:

Dropstore makes it easy to the following channels. You can find these  in your supplier dashboard under Integrations

You could also manually upload your products by following these steps - Products > Active Products > Add Product

Please ensure that you add as much description as possible and any specifications that will be advantageous to the use to know.

As a Supplier:

  • You must offer a discount from 20% off the retail price for your products. The discount you offer is the profit margin for our e-retailers and an incentive to market and sell your products. you can discount even more if you wish (especially for clearance range products) - this will be automatically done if we integrate with your store, otherwise you may opt for manual upload.
  • You need to offer a flat rate domestic shipping fee.
  • We use Payfast to transfer funds to you. You must have a bank account in South Africa to receive your sales money from Dropstore.
  • You must agree to NOT include any of your company invoices inside the shipping boxes, any extra marketing material and use unmarked packaging when sending out customer orders
  • You only pay a small transaction fee of 5% per order (this is not added to the 20% discount for merchants)


Don't forget to add your banking details :)

You are welcome to contact your Account Manager or support@dropstore.co.za

Thank you for your business.

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