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You create amazing products and want to have more sales? You want to sell your products in more online stores and countries?

The internet has opened new doors to sell your products online, however, it is very crowded and very expensive to market your products. The e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace and is projected to double, reaching 71 billion Rands in 2021. How can you be part of this massive growth?

There are more than 3,000 online shops on Dropstore that are searching for awesome products to sell every day. These shops are targeting consumers all over South Africa, and from yoga pants to electronic products. By posting your products on Drosptore, you allow our retailers to market and sell your products for you, bringing you new sales that you could not have otherwise.

Drosptore is completely FREE for all suppliers/makers to integrate and list your products. You only pay a small transaction fee of 5% per order.

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What Dropstore offers

Our relationship is mutual, so we strive to bring you the best experience:

  1. Increased sales: Our retailers will do the work to market and sell your products.
  2. Automation: We automate the process, from real-time stock level updates to shipment tracking, so you can focus your time on creating amazing products.
  3. Save time: Our team can help bring over your products from Etsy, Fancy, Woocommerce, Magento, Tradegecko and Shopify platforms or through our Shopping feeder integration.

Eligibility to join Dropstore as a supplier

Before we begin, we need you to meet some requirements to join Dropstore:

  1. You must offer a discount off the retail price for your products. The discount you offer is the profit margin for our e-retailers and an incentive to market and sell your products.
  2. You need to offer a flat rate domestic fee.
  3. We use Payfast to transfer funds to you. You must have a bank account in South Africa to receive your sales money from Dropstore.
  4. You agree to include the generated invoice by Dropstore inside the shipping boxes and do not add any extra marketing material to the orders' packages.

What Happens Next?

If you meet our eligibility requirements, please click 'Ready to Join' and fill out the form. Once we receive all your information, one of our team member's will get in touch with you to set up your account on Dropstore and get you started.

We are excited to get you on board :)

If you are wondering how the payment, shipping or return policy process works, find out more here.

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Happy Dropstore-ing.

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