How Do I Map my products to Dropstore categories as a Supplier?

As a supplier, it is of high importance that you are seen and your products visible in their correct categories. On Dropstore, many of our resellers / merchants use the categories to search for products they want. Having your products categorised helps them help you.
Dropstore enables you to map the categories from your inventory management software or online store directly into your Dropstore supplier dashboard. This is only relevant to suppliers that have set up integration for product import and only pulls categories for imported products.


For suppliers using Product Create or CSV option, you can allocate categories during the process of Creating your Products (Adding Products on Dropstore) or edit and allocate to a Dropstore category if uploading using CSV


Remember: You are able to integrate with Dropstore as a Supplier using: Woocommerce, Shopify, Tradegecko, Shopping feeder, Stock2Shop


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