Processing your Order as a Supplier

Congratulations!! So your account has been setup, merchants have loaded your products and you have just received your 1st order :)

An email with the order details would be sent to you and you can also find the details in your supplier dashboard.

So What Happens Next?

Well simply the following:

  1. Login to your Dropstore Supplier Dashboard
  2. Go to menu : Orders > Customer Orders > Unfulfilled
  3. Filter by Unfulfilled under the Status
  4. Add the quantity you have available, enter the tracking information and click the fulfil button
  5. Finally, click the "Finalize fulfillment" button. This would complete the fulfillment process and issue whatever refund is due to merchant if you can not fulfil the entire quantity requested.

NB: Please remember to update your Banking Details to ensure payment.

Let us know if you need any assistance, or contact your Account Manager.

Thank you again for your business.

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