What is the average delivery time for SA delivery?

First, please note that the items that your customer ordered will not get shipped out without being processed by you first. As such, check that you have processed and paid for the order yourself. Without this step, our supplier is unable to process the order for you. You can learn more about order processing on Dropstore here.

If this step has been completed and there is still no shipping or tracking updates, it is possible that the order is still being processed by the supplier.

Processing time take 1-3 business days to be processed, in addition to 2-4 more business days to get shipped depending on the destination.

As such, if you find that your order is still within the processing period, please give it some more time! Don't forget to deduct the weekends from your time-frame since our suppliers only work on weekdays.

However, if you find that your delivery date have gone beyond the written time-frame, reach out to our Customer Support team and we will assist you immediately!

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