Why am I not getting my email notifications?

As a customer on Dropstore, whether a Supplier, a Reseller (merchant) or an Affiliate, we send out notifications to your registered email address.

Often times you receive different types of notifications from Dropstore for a number of reasons as we aim to always keep you informed.

Sometimes you may not be receiving any of our notifications and might be wondering why?

Here are a few tips to help you get back on track.

  1. Make sure that all mails including our server Dropstore.co.za is on your email server whitelist and not marked as spam
  2. Check your spam blocker as it could be blocking the emails, or automatically putting them into a junk or spam folder
  3. You can also check with your email provider to see is they have any sort of spam blocking that might be blocking the emails. Spam filtering features and programs often tag valid emails as spam. Be sure to always check your spam filtering process when you don't receive important email
  4. Make sure that the email address provided is the correct email address. Check your account profile to be certain

If you have made all of the necessary checks and this issue still persists, please get in contact with your email / domain host server to advise.
Contact support@dropstore.co.za for assistance,

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