Cash Before Shipping (CBS) Suppliers and Issuing Refunds

What Is Cash Before Shipping (CBS)?

A CBS supplier is a supplier that is currently using the CBS payment feature that allows for suppliers to receive order payments immediately into their linked Payfast account.

This feature allows for Suppliers to receive your payment immediately into your Payfast account at successful placement of an order.
You could say this is our alternative to Cash On Delivery option.

The transaction fee also gets deducted immediately so you receive your final payment into your Payfast account at the time of the order being placed. There is no extra fees payable for an order for this option, only the initial agreed transaction fee.

How Do I Issue A Refund As A Cash Before Shipping (CBS) Supplier?

Normally, Dropstore is able to facilitate supplier refunds to resellers if the order has not yet been fulfilled, cancelled by the Supplier or at the request of resellers.

This is different for CBS suppliers as they are required to refund the reseller direct into their banking account.


How Can A Reseller Contact a Supplier for a Refund?

A refund request can be facilitated by making contact with a Supplier via the In-contact messenger feature on an order needing to be refunded.


Please note that the Refund amount is the full amount paid by a reseller.


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