How does the return/refund process work?

We work in accordance with CPA (Consumer Protection Act) and our return requirements are in accordance with CPA rules for returns, however each supplier may have their own returns policies which is also in line with CPA rules.

In case of a damaged product or the wrong product being shipped, contact supplier right away and let them know whether you or the customer would want a replacement product or be issued a refund.

You are able to get in touch with the supplier via the in-contact messenger feature which becomes available for all placed orders.


You may contact the Dropstore Customer Support team via live chat or email and we may mediate for the arrangement of a replacement to be shipped.

If your customer requests an immediate refund, please follow these steps:

First, make sure your customer has a valid reason to replace or return the product (e.g. defective item or quality issues) and obtain evidence by requesting photos/videos from your customer.

Next, contact the supplier and include the evidence by attaching the file in your message via the in-contact messenger feature which will be available on all orders placed.

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After successfully alerting the supplier and they have approved the order return or refund, the product must be returned to the supplier of which they will provide address details.

Next, your customer or you the reseller must return the product and provide a tracking number.

Once the tracking number has been provided,  a replacement product will be shipped or a refund will be credited from the supplier.

Important note: Before Dropstore can process a refund for an order, we require a tracking number to be provided for our suppliers for the order/item return.

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