Why is there a 7 Days withdraw delay on funds in my Dropstore account?

The idea behind Dropstore is to speed up ecommerce fulfilment through positive acknowledgment of funds received. There is also a reduction in admin overhead for the supplier in terms of not requiring proof of payment, not doing manual reconciliation, etc.

The intention too, is that Dropstore collects multiple payments on behalf of a receiver and then pays the receiver in bulk at the receiver's request or once a week.

Funds received are accumulated to our Dropstore payfast account from where we request a Payout on a regular basis (eg. weekly) to have the funds transferred to our bank account.

The time it takes to request this payout to our bank account, and then transfer to your bank account once you have shipped your orders is normally 5 working days which is a week.

You can continue with the fulfilment of the order safe in the knowledge that the funds have been received and credited to our PayFast account and will shortly be available to be transferred to our bank account and then to your bank account.

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